Thursday, January 20, 2011

Smokingpipes Pt.4 - Jack Knife Plug

Adam took me upstairs to more of the behind the scenes world of Smokingpipes and what a bustle of activity it is. It looks like a great place to work. Everyone was busy and rushing around, but they seemed to have time to joke around and socialize too.
We went to Adam's desk where he inspects and writes about the incoming new and estate pipes. It looked like a lot of work to me, but Adam seemed to handle it as if it were second nature. After showing me the ins and outs of estate pipe inspection, Adam brought out a tin of GLP Jack Knife Plug and cut off first some thicker flake cut and then some very thin shag. He explained that loading the bottom portion of the pipe bowl with the thicker flake and then finishing w/ the thin shag seemed to produce a easy lighting, long smoking pipe. He was correct. I loaded up a small bowled Wolfgang Becker that I had brought, thinking that I should be careful w/ this plug. I had heard it can pack a punch. But what I got instead was a wonderful smooth, not too sweet, not too tangy bowl of Va. Very nice. I am already looking forward to cellaring some of this stuff and trying it in 3 or 4 years ... if I can stay away from it that long. 2 thumbs up for Jack Knife Plug. -T

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