Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Boots and Old Peterson Pipes

I have a pair of Merrill hiking boots that are supposed to be waterproof- they are not. Yesterday their replacements arrived. Vasque truly waterproof hiking boots. When I awoke this morning I was happy to hear a light rain falling. A chance to try out my new boots on my morning walk! I grabbed my 3 Peterson workhorses and a pouch full of BBF and headed to the woods. When I arrived the rain was reduced to a light drizzle. Perfect walking weather and a great opportunity to try out the new boots. They worked better than expected. Waterproof of course, but comfortable right away. I thought I might need to wear them a while to get them formed to my feet. But no- they felt like old friends. And the Petersons, which are old friends, performed as always- beautifully. They smoke great and seem to beg to be abused and worked hard. I've owned more expensive Peterson pipes but none have smoked as well as these 3 cheap ones ( Donegal Rocky lovat, Standard 304 and a Rock of Cashel ). I don't know if I was just lucky w/ these 3 pipes or if all of the Petersons in these lines are good, but I am very pleased w/ my pals. -T

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