Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quality Briar!

I was able to obtain a couple of new pipes this summer from Nick Miller at Quality Briar. Considering Nick is a Yankee and speaks with a funny accent, he is still a great guy to buy pipes from. He's knowledgeable and has a good eye for quality workmanship and distinctive style. He carries the work of some of the best pipe makers from all parts of the globe, including two of my personal favorites; Vollmer & Nilsson and Gregor Lobnik.
The two pipes I got are from the Swedish duo, Vollmer & Nilsson. The 1st is a very lightweight (25 g) poker. It has a small bowl that seems to bring out flavors in my constant companion, Sam Gawith's Best Brown Flake, that I have never noticed before. A true pleasure to smoke. It makes for a minor dilemma. The pipe is light and comfortable to clinch and smoke while I work, but it is such a flavorful smoke that I find myself sitting in my rocker just wanting to enjoy.
The 2nd pipe is a bent sandblast that is a great pipe for working or walking in the woods. It has a narrow but deep tobacco chamber that makes for a long uninterrupted smoke. And the weight distribution makes it easy to clinch and carry on with the task at hand.
I couldn't be more pleased with my two new pipes or the quick and friendly service Nick provided. Take a look at Nick's website and give him a call. I think you'll be pleased also. -T

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We need a rut

The past year to year and a half have been tough for the cousins. Maybe "tough" isn't totally apt. Disruptive might sum it up better. There have been births and deaths, family illness and operations, and plenty of day job work. It's made this little pipe making enterprise take a back seat. We hope that as fall arrives, maybe we can get back to a semi-normal routine. Mark and I are both eagerly anticipating our yearly camping weekend and as usual, we have already said "WE NEED TO GO CAMPING MORE THIS YEAR". I hope this year we will. I bought new hiking boots yesterday and broke them in this morning over at the Wolf River. In the past, I walked there at least five mornings a week. I need to get back in the habit. It's time to get our boring repetitve lives back. -T