Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spanning the Globe

One of the great things about making pipe racks and selling them on the internet is that you come in contact with people from all over the place. lately we've sent racks to Idaho, California, Texas, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, Florida and Illinois. There's one in the works for France. This is pretty cool for two old guys living in the boondocks. -T

Hey! I'm Famous ....

oK- I can still go to the grocery store w/o paparazzi swarming around. In fact the cashier pays no more attention to me than she does an empty bag. But in our small community of pipe smokers I've achieved something I never really even considered achieving - The cover of P& T magazine! Obviously the clever folks at P&T are way too smart to actually put a photo of me on the cover  .... or even include one in the depths of the magazine, but I've got to figure that is good for me as well as them. Anyway- I'm pretty happy w/ the whole experience. Please pick up a copy if you get a chance. I don't want the P&T staff to think they made a terrible mistake. -T