Monday, May 12, 2008

Vollmer & Nilsson

We made it back from Chicago! We had a great time despite the police presence and a smoking ban on the show. I'll write more about our Chicago Experience after Mark and I have a chance to get together and come up w/ some semi-coherent thoughts.
But 1st, let me show off my 3 (yes, I'm a glutton) new Vollmer & Nilsson pipes that I picked up at the show. Mark bought 2 and for once I think he has to agree I am right about something- V&N make great smoking pipes! I can't say enough about how good their pipes smoke. And they are beautiful. The brothers have an eye for detail. Beveled rims and wonderful silver work. These guys know their business. I have several pipes that cost twice as much- even a few that cost 3 times as much, but they are not engineered any better than my Vollmer & Nilssons (I have 6 now and they are all great- no bad apples). If you want my opinion ( and my opinion of you is slightly lowered if you do), every pipe smoker should own at least one V&N pipe. -T
The top picture is in our hotel room in Chicago. Left to right our buddy Chuck, Anders Nilsson and Martin Vollmer