Sunday, January 23, 2011

Smokingpipes Pt. 5- Finishing Up

After spending a delightful time chatting and smoking pipes w/ Adam, I needed to go and find a hotel for the evening. Sykes suggested one just down the street where Tokutomi stays when he is in town. Well if it's good enough for Tokutomi, it's certainly good enough for me.
All in all it was a wonderful trip and well worth the time and miles. I am amazed at the Smokingpipes operation. It is vibrant, fun and incredibly efficient. I was shocked to see how many pipe were being shipped out the day I was there. Can there really be that many pipe smokers in the world? I guess so, and Sykes and crew seem to know exactly what we all want and do a fantastic job of supplying it.
As I was heading out the door I was presented with my grand prize of the trip- a pair of Smokingpipes socks. Amazing! -T

You can see a much better account of Smoking pipes at

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