Monday, January 17, 2011

Smokingpipes Pilgrimage Pt.2

After a few minutes of looking over the store I mentioned to Sykes that I wanted to take advantage of their new discount plan and buy multiple tins of some of my go-to blends. Sykes said this would probably be easier by pulling the tobacco from the warehouse, a seperate building across the parking lot. We walked out the side door and over to the second building. Inside was more tobacco than I had ever seen in one place. There were tins and boxes of tins everywhere. It was a glorious sight. I had to force back tears to bring it all into focus. Sykes told me to grab what I wanted and provided me with what I thought was a large box. Turns out the box was barely big enough to hold my booty. I probably would have started on a second box, but my mind was swimming and I couldn't remember what blends I wanted or even liked. This was probably self preservation kicking in. -T

Top photo- crazy amount of tobacco I bought!

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