Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a pleasant smell!

The other day I was running errands when I stopped at the liquor store. I put my pipe in my pocket and went in, conducted my business, came out, got in my vehicle, grabbed the matches and relit my pipe then drove away. I left the parking lot by a back street, went up 3 blocks, turned left, proceeded another block to the light. Turned right at the light and drove on another mile down the busy parkway. Sitting at a red light on the parkway I started smelling a very pleasant smell. It was like honey. "That smells like honey" I thought to myself. It made me think of the McConnell Ripe Honeydew tobacco I opened recently. But I wasn't smoking that now. I was smoking Sam Gawith Best Brown Flake and I thought "What a nice smoke this BBF is". But then as I tried to catch another nice whiff of that lovely honey smell I thought "Now it smells like burning plastic". I glanced over and saw on the little ledge under my dash board the empty Orlik tin I use as a match depository. It was engulfed in flames! The tin, not the dash board - yet. I immediately jumped into action and started blowing at it. The light turned green. I drove forward, blowing. I was having no luck with this method of extinguishing the flames., so I picked up the can and held it head height ... only to realize a couple of seconds later that my thumb and fore finger were in pain and starting to adhere to the can. "Sweet Mother of God!" I yelled. I'm not sure where this came from since I'm not Catholic or even Christian to speak of. But that's what came out. I turned into a parking lot, threw the flaming can on the passenger side floor board- hoping this might blow it out. Instead, half the matches landed in a pile on the floor still burning and the can itself burned as bright as ever. I returned to my puffing theory of fire removal and it had decent results this time. The can was out. Now just a small pile of matches on the floor board still blazing. I looked around for something to smother them with. Nothing. Wait! The new linen scarf I got for Christmas! I grabbed it and after just 2 swats I had put the fire out. And the scarf has ... character now. Anyway, the moral or lesson learned here is- Save the lids of the metal Orlik tins. -T