Monday, January 5, 2009

Fine English Tradition

As I was heading to bed last night, my wife informed me that the weatherman was predicting freezing rain for this morning. "You might want to skip your walk in the morning" said she. Of course this only stoked the fire of my resolve to walk at least 5 mornings a week. I would of course go for my walk in the woods! I fell asleep thinking about what I should wear and which pipes to take for such weather. When I hopped out of bed and looked (actually listened- it was still pitch black) there was no freezing rain. My wife is usually right, so I prepared for the worst. The pipes I chose, and the real point to this tale, were two Blakemar Briars that I ordered from England a couple of years ago. I bought them for days just like today was supposed to be. They were not expensive, but not too cheap either. I want a pipe to smoke like a champ even if I do only fork over enough cash for a slightly gifted novice. I dropped the pipes in a coat pocket, grabbed my tobacco pouch and away I went. Still no freezing rain. I reached the woods, loaded my rusticated lovat w/ Sam Gawith Best Brown Flake, lit it and started walking. About five minutes down the trail and I noticed just what a wonderful smoke I was having. I have neglected these two fine pipes. I have relegated them  to cart horse status when they should be ... I don't know ...  hunter/jumpers. I don't know much about horses. Anyway- this was a nice pipe. A good smoker. It's comfortable. It has a nice rugged look to it and a silver band to give it a little flash. I began to feel guilty. I should smoke these pipes more often. Heck I should tell the world about these pipes. Which brings us to this point in the story where I come home and write a post on the Two Cousins Blog about Blakemar Briars- but I'm tired of writing and my mind is wandering, so I will ask you to please take a look at their website. They provide wonderful service and the prices are very good ... and the pipes a very very good! -T

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