Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cousin #1's Christmas pipe!

I treated myself to a Vollmer and Nilsson pipe for Christmas this year. (I had been a particularly good boy)Back in September I emailed Anders and Martin to discuss what I was looking for and after a few back and forth correspondences this is what we came up with. I knew that the brothers would do a great job. The other V&N pipes that I have are fantastic smokers. Having said that, I was totally overwhelmed by the beauty of the pipe that came in the mail. The color, the bird's eye, the grain on the top of the bowl, the cumberland stem, the silver work all combine to make for an unbelievably elegant pipe. On the first weekend of the New Year, I joined Tim in his studio along with our good friend David and had the "Maiden Smoke" of my new pipe. It smokes as great as it looks and the pleasure that I had smoking it for the first time with my old (very old) friends was a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of 2009. -M

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