Monday, January 4, 2010


About a week ago David Enrique mailed my 2nd new Enrique pipe and now I am waiting ... . I enjoy this part of pipe purchasing. Anticipation is fun (except w/ ketchup). The bad thing is- I have to sign for the pipe when it arrives and I find I tend to hang around the front of the house all midday waiting for the postwoman to come. It is interfering with my oh so productive nature. I should be painting or pipe rack making or doing those chores around the house that I would probably find some other excuse not to do anyway. So here I am. Waiting. Fortunately I have the other Enrique pipe (the one I received for Christmas) to smoke while I twiddle my thumbs. I'm not complaining- just killing time. -T
1/4 - Dang! not today!
1/5 - Still no pipe ...
1/6 - Arrgh! It still hasn't come! Did I say anticipation was fun?
1/7 - I thought this would be the day ...but NO :(
1/8 - 11am- I've taken up my position by the window ... 11:43- mail truck passed - no pipe ... :((
1/9 - It's HERE! :))) more about it soon!

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