Sunday, January 10, 2010

David Enrique does it again!

Back in February '09, on this blog I wrote a review of 3 of David's pipes. I raved about them. Now less than one year later, I own 7 Enriques and frankly, I want more. The latest one- the Pencil Shanked Poker that I was impatiently waiting for last week, is maybe the best of the lot. It is FANTASTIC (and NO, I haven't received any form of compensation from David for saying this)! I love everything about it. The size, feel, finish and workmanship are all excellent and it smokes as good as any pipe I have ever owned. I am again, more than pleased. Heck! I'm pleased as punch! I almost hesitate to write anything else about David's pipes. It is hard enough to get them now. I hate to think what it would be like if everyone finds out about him. -T
above- Me on the frozen pond smoking my new pipe

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David Enrique said...

Tim, let me tell you that this poker looks great on you. I'm very happy you like it so much, thank you :)