Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Strike Anywhere?

Okay- I'm working on pipe racks. 2 more to finish and ship for Christmas. Paint is drying and I sit down for a minute and load my next pipe. I'm sitting in my old rocking chair in the studio and next to it I have a small table w/ a shelf underneath. Mark found a supply of Strike Anywhere Kitchen Matches and he was kind enough to give me several boxes (it was really a payoff for some new leather gloves of mine that he axed the fingers off of ...but that's another story.). I keep an open box of these matches on this lower shelf and strike them on the floor by my rocker ... well this time the match broke and flew into the open box which BURST into flame! I stared in shocked stupor for a minute and then grabbed it and threw it on the floor and on my hands and knees began blowing. Nothing like pipe smoking for making a fellow live on the edge. -T

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