Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa's on His Way!

And for me he is stopping by France to bring me this great looking new pipe from David Enrique. It's one of his ( David's, not Santa's) Gamma DE line, which is made from old preturned stummels from one of the legendary french pipe making companies in St. Claude. I have 2 of these pipes ( a dublin and and apple) that I love and smoke all the time. I am looking forward to Christmas morning, when I can jump out of bed early and run to the Christmas tree and see what Santa brought. That same breathless anticipation I had when I was 5. You can bet I will be smoking my new toy before the sun rises very high in the sky. Merry Christmas! -T

12/28- I've smoked my new Gamma DE several times so far and I am very pleased with it. Another fine pipe from David. I can't wait to get the my next Enrique (which fortunately is on the way as I type!)-T

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Fumeurs de Pipe said...

Good choice ;-)

Happy Christmas, and happy smoking !