Saturday, December 5, 2009

Andrei Mikhailovitch Rodzianko (AKA Puppet Stage)

Here's one that I always liked but I did get a couple of "where's Punch and judy" sort of remarks ....
I had planned or was at least in the planning stages of telling an elaborate tale of a Russian Nobleman who fled Russia during the revolution w/ only a few cherished possessions. This pipe rack being one of them. He was to travel Europe - Paris, London Vienna- and eventually the world. A romantic figure, a noble gypsy making the scene at all the right places and always w/ his pipes in tow. But I soon realized that I would have to be Tolstoy to tell the tale I wanted to tell ...and I'm no Tolstoy. So here's a nice pipe cabinet w/ a romantic flair. You'll have to fill in the story line for this one. -T

Holds 6 pipes in comfortable elegant surroundings
16.75"W x 7"D x 21.5"T
Drop front storage along with open top storage
Original oil painting on door.

$250 (Available)

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