Sunday, April 19, 2009

What They Smoke Part 5 - Anders Nilsson

I was very happy to receive an email from my friend Anders Nilsson of Vollmer & Nilsson today. He sent some photos of a few of the beautiful pipes that he and Martin will be bringing to Chicago ( I'll post those soon) and he included a shot of the pipes that he smokes. -T

Here's what Anders had to say about them-

Evil tongues may brand me a "billiard taliban", but a look at this selection proves that accusation to be patently untrue. As a matter of fact, many days when I feel a bit adventurous, I reach for a Lovat, a Dublin, or even a Canadian... However, it is true that I prefer straight pipes of a classic cut - for some reason bents aren't really my cup of tea.

The pipes in my daily rotation are a mixture of our own rejects and classic English makes, with a sprinkling of Danish brands added. It should be mentioned that, much as I love the old English pipes, most of them have had to be "opened up" to provide a really good smoke. The exception to this rule is Dunhill: Of the few old Dunnies I have come in contact with, all have had a nice, open draw from the start.

The picture shows, from top to bottom: Dunhill Tanshell billiard; V&N billiard; GBD New Standard lovat; Comoy's Grand Slam billiard that has been among my favorites for ages; Dunhill Root chimney, cut down to billiard size; V&N army mount billiard; Stanwell Brass Band Canadian.

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