Monday, April 6, 2009

The Chicago Dilemma- What to Pack?

It's getting close to that special event of the year- The Chicago International Pipe & Tobaccaina Show! And now I am confronted with the yearly problem; what to pack for the show. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not talking about clothes- that's easy. I'll be there for 3 days, so 3 pairs of cargo (plenty of room for stuff) pants, 3 pair of underwear, 3 t-shirts, 3 pairs of socks, a sweater and/or jacket (it's usually chilly up north) and I'll be wearing my hiking boots. Check, roger, over and out on that. The real dilemma is ... how many and which pipes to take? It's a day's drive up, 3 days there and a day back. Approx. 100 hours total. I'll sleep about 18 hours of that. That leaves 82 hours. Say 5 hours in the Mega Center (where we can no longer smoke). Now I'm down to 78 hours. 4 hours for meals at non-smoking restaurants puts it at 68 hours of pipe smoking time. That means if an average bowl lasts 40 minutes, I'll need to take 102 pipes. I don't own 102 pipes, so I'll have to smoke them more than once on the trip. I prefer not to smoke a pipe more than once a day. If I adhere to this limitation, I'll need 20 pipes. Still a bit much, so I'll say 12 or maybe 13- a baker's dozen. Ok- I've got a number in mind, but what about other considerations? Which pipe maker's will be there? I don't want to be sitting around a table w/ pipe maker X and not have the pipe he made. Wouldn't he see that as an affront? Maybe not, but it's something to think about. And then there's the recently purchased pipes that I want to show off. I would hate to leave them behind. This is the one time of the year where I am around people who will actually want to see my new pipes. Another thought- I have to bring pipes that are good smokers. I don't want to bring a pipe that may be finicky with certain tobaccos - I'd hate to be seen relighting a pipe more than once or twice in such august company as this. I pride myself on being a pipeman. I don't want to look like some greenhorn.
There's a lot to consider. It's good that I have nearly a month to get my plans ironed out. Oh- jeez! I haven't even thought about what tobacco I'll bring! I need to get busy. There will be some long days ahead. I'm sure it will work out fine- it always has- but careful planning will certainly help. -T


ZuluCollector said...

Man, I feel your pain. It is always tough to know what to take. Balancing all those considerations takes effort.

You could choose to astound and offend everyone and bring new cobs! Now that would start tongues a waggin' (and it would also no doubt lead you to buy 13 new pipes to smoke.)

aboutpipes said...

Howdy Tim!
What a great read was that! I really enjoyed reading it.
Funny that dilemma is for sure. And it looks you got your time well planned.
Well, I think whatever you take with you will be a good choice, and that time you will have at Chicago Pipe Show will be wonderful, as this is always a meeting with all those people that sharing our great hobby.

Wishing you good time there, and if you got a chance to take some pictures there I'm looking forward to see some of them.

Well, so what baccies are you taking with you ?? :D

Best Regards,
Marcin [Marcin_Pro @SF]