Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tobac 4 Chi

Okay- this was easy. I will be taking my 2 favorite tobaccos to the Chicago International Pipe & Tobaccaina Show (in just 2 weeks!). I love their flavor and they both stay lit and burn like champs. No multiple lighting or even worse- won't light. I suppose the only dilemma here is ... I wish I had something special to take and share w/ friends. I'm not really good at that - sharing that is. It's not that I'm stingy (well, not just that) but I really haven't a clue what other people would want to share. I don't know what's "Special". A couple of years ago pipe collector and all around good guy, Neill Roan, brought some nicely aged John Cotton and it was wonderful. But I don't know about vintage and extinct tobaccos- so I have nothing to share w/ friends. Maybe this will be part of my pipe quest this year- to discover the world of tobacco more fully. That's the fascinating thing about pipes and tobacco- the more you learn , the more there is to know. -T

Pictured above- Orlik Golden Sliced, wonderful Wolfgang Becker Bamboo, and S. Gawith Best Brown Flake

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aboutpipes said...

Well, Tim at least one problem off your head :)

"I wish I had something special to take and share w/ friends. "
I think you might take another 2 tins of Best Brown, as they're always some pipe smokers that haven't tried that baccy before.

If you haven't tried something it might make it special for you then. You never know ;)

It looks like just 3-4 days left to Chicago Show, have a good time there Tim.