Friday, March 20, 2009

What They Smoke Part 3 - Gregor Lobnik

Unfortunately, for me at least, Slovenian pipe maker Gregor Lobnik only makes pipes part time. He has a day job and this slows his output considerably. But, when he does make pipes they are really special. -T

Gregor Lobnik - These are my pipes that I smoke when I go out. At home I smoke pipes that are wasted in the process of pipemaking. I use only one mouth piece and a lot of drilled blocks of briar in different stages of making. Depends when I see something went wrong. Does not look good, but smokes good.

(from Left to right) Leather covered pipe, Lobnik pipe which has brought me into the final of the 2004 P&T magazine carving contest, Black rusticated Lobnik and a Ser Jacopo w/ silver

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ZuluCollector said...

I love the pic, Tim. And the pipes are cool, too!