Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What They Smoke Part 2 - David Wagner/baff

Austrian pipe maker David Wagner of baff pipes (actually, David is baff pipes) is next up. Several people have commented that they had heard most pipe makers smoke their own pipes or at least their rejects and David addresses this. David Enrique also told me he smoked is own pipes to test new innovations. -T

Here's David Wagner-

This rack is in my workshop and they are my favorite smokers. 
Foreground from left to right: Wallenstein, Tsuge, baff, baff
Background from left to right: Prammer morta, Prammer morta, Dunhill bent
But most of the time I am smoking half finished pipes for testing purposes. E.g. I smoke a pipe with let's say 3.5mm drilling in the stem for maybe 2-3 months, then I drill the stem to 4mm and see if there is any difference ...

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