Monday, May 13, 2013

Chicago Pipes - Chris Asteriou

I bought the rusticated cutty in Chicago but the prince was waiting for me when I got home. I now have 3 Asteriou Pipes and I'm really impressed with the quality of all 3. They are excellent smokers and I have never seen new pipes that capture the feel and look of English pipes from the 1930's like these do. Very nice! -T


ZuluCollector said...

I've just ordered my first Asteriou pipe based on how gorgeous your liverpool is, Tim.

Tim said...

I think you will be happy with it Neill!

Alan said...

We are delighted to be the first retailer in the UK offering a range of top quality Chris Asteriou pipes. His attenton to detail in the cut of his classic English shapes is superb and your Liverpool is an example of his love for this particular shape. Thank you Tim for helping bring him to our attention.