Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chicago pipe - Chris Askwith

This isn't really a Chicago pipe. I didn't purchase it at the show. I received it in the mail a couple of days before heading north, but I did fire up my first bowl in it in Chicago.
It's really a lovely pipe. The briar bit is just as comfortable to smoke as ebonite. I asked Chris to make a regular black bit too, because I was afraid the briar would be too delicate, but so far it seems very hardy. Every time I get a new Askwith pipe, I think "this is my favorite", but I have enough now that it's getting harder and harder to pick a favorite. I love them all. -T

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Alan said...

Another of the handmade pipe artisans we are working with for their love of the English classic shapes. This pipe with its briar stem highlights the talents of Chris Askwith pipes. He loves to experiment with different stem materials. I have had the fortune to see another of his pipes with a briar stem and the beauty of the design is astounding.