Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dreaming of Chicago

The countdown has begun. It started for me almost a month ago. 60 days until the Chicago Pipe Show. I wouldn't say that I am "giddy", but an outside observer might view my subdued enthusiasm that way. I can't help it. The Chicago show is great. Friends and pipes. Friends I only see once or twice a year and thousands of beautiful pipes. How can any pipe enthusiast not be excited?
Well, as I work hard to at least appear to be a sober right thinking adult, I must confess to needling my pipe maker friends for info and images of what they are working on and which pipes may make their way to Chicago. Fortunately people in the pipe world seem to be about the nicest folks in the world and several go out of their way to appease me. Anders and Martin (Vollmer & Nilsson) are goods examples of this. They are making some commissioned pieces for me but they were kind enough to send me some photos of their current production. -T

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