Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Søren Eric Andersen

I'm on a roll! I just received a pipe in the mail yesterday from Denmark and it is a beauty ... and not only that, it smokes great. I mean really great. This pipe is from Søren Eric Andersen.

He's one of those Danes who have been making cool pipes for 40 years, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he knows what he's doing. What surprises me is that both this pipe and the Pierre Morel that I bought recently, smoke fantastic. I mean they jump into the my top 5 smokers list. I'm not a scientist or a wine reviewer so I can't tell you why they smoke great or really what I mean when I say they smoke great ... they just do. They smoke noticeably better than the majority of pipes I own. Weird. I wish I could pin it down, but I must have the brain of a neanderthal ( I recently read that scientist now believe that neanderthals spoke w/ high pitched voices. Not the deep and guttural grunts that the movies would have us believe.). So if there is anything to gain from reading this, it is the fact thank I highly recommend that everyone go and buy a pipe from Mr. Andersen. You'll be glad you did. -T

Update- I've been smoking this Andersen pipe for a couple of days and I absolutely love it. It feels great to hold, it looks beautiful (the birdseye is amazing) and I swear tobacco tastes better in it. I am so happy with it that I just checked the Eric Andersen website w/ the intention of buying another, but most of them are sold ... I guess I will have to continue checking in and hope I am quick enough to get another one. -T
I see Nick Miller has a couple at Quality Briar. Hmmm ....


jgros001 said...

Wonderful pipe and upon seeing this post was "encouraged" to pick up two of Mr. Andersen's pipes myself. He was having a tremendous sale on his pipes to boot.

ZuluCollector said...

Wow! Tim, this is a gorgeous pipe. I don't believe I've seen work from him before. I've got to check out some of his work.