Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pierre Morel!

I have been interested in Pierre Morel's pipes for a while now, but have not had the opportunity to actually see one. I have read excellent reviews of Morel's pipes by the guys at the website Compagnie des Pipes and one of my favorite pipe makers, David Enrique has begun an alliance w/ Morel, making pipes together. I was intrigued. On our adventure to The Briary I was able to see and purchase a wonderful little rusticated apple. It is a beautiful pipe and it is one of those smoking machines that if you are fortunate, you come across from time to time. I couldn't be more pleased w/ my find. It is the highlight of a really exceptional trip. -T


Brad M said...

It really is a beautiful pipe! I love the rustication!

Renzo said...

Hi American Pipe Fellows,

You made a great choice. Pierre makes wonderful pipes with very high quality briar.
Last but not least, Pierre’s pipes are perfect smoke engines.
Pierre Morel and David Enrique’s cooperation will give us some nice surprises ;-)

Greetings from France

martincarl said...

Thanks for sharing the information regarding the Morel's pipes.. I was looking for the pipes and reached here.. I will definitely look forward to it.. Just wondering to know what is the approx. cost of it?
glass pipes

Luke said...

I was able to purchase a Pierre Morel pipe from the Briary. I am very pleased with the pipe and it was easy on the wallet. These pipes smoke as good as they look.