Monday, December 6, 2010

Zippo Hand Warmer

My dear cousin Mark gave me a Zippo hand warmer for my birthday. All I can say is, why haven't I had one of these for years?! These things are great. I went for my regular morning walk this morning and when I left the house it was 24⁰F. Normally it's my hands that get the coldest and gloves are always in the way when smoking a pipe. Quite by accident I found that w/ the hand warmer, gloves aren't needed. In fact the hand warmer seems to work better w/o gloves on. Just slip it in your pocket and your hands stay toasty warm.
It does take a bit of a leap of faith to use this gadget. It seems a little fool hardy to fill a metal object w/ lighter fluid, light it, put it in a fabric bag and place it in your pocket. But they must have brain surgeons or rocket scientists working at Zippo, because this thing is imo an engineering marvel.
Thanks Mark and thanks Zippo! -T

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