Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Claessen Christmas pipe!

I was fortunate to exchange a few emails w/ a prominent european pipe collector a few months ago and one bit of advice he gave me was "to get a Dirk Claessen pipe". It took a while for me to find the pipe that "spoke to me" and at the same time, to have the money to pony up for it. Finally I found it at La Compagnie Des Pipes and I couldn't be happier with the pipe or the service that Guillaume and Gilles @ La Compagnie provided. Great guys to deal with and a nice selection of hand made pipes to choose from... a fine Christmas present for me. -T


Dirk said...

Glad you like your pipe, Tim.


Tim said...

Thanks Dirk. I am enjoying the pipe very much. I'm sure (god willing and my finances allow) this won't be my last Claessen!