Friday, November 26, 2010

Vollmer & Nilsson; Cruel Friends

Be careful what you wish for ....

I recently exchanged emails and ideas with our pipe maker friends Martin Vollmer and Anders Nilsson. The object of the correspondence was a pair of pipes that I wished to commission to be picked up in May at the Chicago Pipe Show. The "pair" ended up being 3 pipes and after some discussion and some great ideas on V&N's part, I will be getting 3 amazing and exciting pipes. I can't wait. Foolishly in parting I asked my friends to send me some photos of current work whenever they had the chance. I like to see what they are working on and they are even worse at updating their website than we are. Well, I got what I asked for and I can't help imagining Anders and Martin having a good laugh, knowing that I would certainly come down with a bad case of pipe lust. The Swedish duo give the impression of being perfect gentlemen, but I think if you look closer you will find a cunning cruel streak. Here's a few of the photos they sent that are now making my life a little miserable. -T

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