Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wow Mark! That's Big!

"That's really big"

That's the comment that people walking into my shop burst out with since I began this project.
A few months ago a gentleman contacted me about a pipe cabinet he wanted constructed. It was to sit on another piece of furniture ( a sideboard, I believe they call them) that he already had and was using for tobacco storage. He sent some drawings of some ideas that he had, we swapped a few e-mails and here it is! A very custom pipe cabinet.
It has a section for churchwardens and other long stem pipes. The bottom row will hold magnum pipes and the two upper rows hold 24 of the more normal sized pipes. It has a section for tobacco storage ( he specified that he stored his tobacco in glass jars of a particular size and this section was made to fit) and the lastly three generous drawers for storing whatever else you might need to keep around.
It was a really great project to work on and I am happy to see it finished. Now I have some room in my shop to work on other projects!! -M

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Lee Marcum said...

Very nice work. It was a pleasure meeting you guys earlier. I hope your Birmingham visit was enjoyable. Also, Eric Stokkebye is the visiting guest on the April 10th.