Sunday, March 14, 2010

David Enrique Chicago Pipe

About a month ago, I boldly stated that I was not going to buy anything pipe related until the end of April, at The Chicago Pipe Show. I told Mark, I told my wife and I told myself. One of us wasn't listening. But in reality I can't blame myself. It's definitely David's fault. He deliberately put temptation in my path. He says he's not so evil as to do this, but I am not buying his story (just his pipes). I had told him a couple of months ago, that I thought the next pipe I wanted from him would be a lovat. I told him after I purchased a poker from him that I loved the stain and the blast. And then all of the sudden he posts for sale, on his website, a sandblasted lovat in the same color/stain that I was talking about. Just a coincidence? I don't think so.
So to keep a long story from getting any longer- I have a wonderful, beautiful Enrique lovat that I swear I will not smoke until I get to The Chicago Pipe Show. Look for me happily puffing away on my new pipe in the smoking tent on Thursday evening. -T
p.s. I suppose I should mention that David included an elegant handmade tamper w/ my pipe. Maybe he is a good guy...
p.p.s. This pipe arrived in record time from France! 4 days.

I should note that the above photo was taken from David Enrique's website (as are all the photo's of David's pipes on this blog). That's why they are better than most of the pictures here.

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