Friday, November 20, 2009

Those Cotton Fields Back Home

Moving to another part of the world comes up from time to time. Years ago, my wife and I thought of moving to New Mexico. In the end we chickened out. We had no money and the thought of being jobless and broke in a new and strange locale was just too scary. Over the years we've continued to dream of "the perfect place". Now as the years rush by, I can't imagine leaving the Memphis area. So many memories are here. Both our families have come from this area for at least our living memory. And I guess I have to admit I love it here. I'm not sure I could be me anywhere else. I can't understand artists who move to New York or Berlin. What would I paint in Berlin? Cotton fields probably. I guess it's taken me years to learn what Dorothy learned in one short adventure- it's all right here in your own backyard. -T 

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