Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Morning Stroll

At least 5 days a week I go for a morning walk. I drop my daughter at school and on the way home I stop by a local park situated behind the library and community center. There is a paved path that loops around a large open field. Judging from how long it takes me to make the circle it must be about a mile and a half long. I usually walk it twice. I have never been an enthusiastic exercise participant, but I thoroughly enjoy my morning walk. There are a hand full of other walkers each morning- housewives in their 40's, a couple of guys that I assume are high school coaches that actually run the circuit and a couple of elderly retired couples that make their way around very slowly. I guess I must be known to all of them as the "old pipe smoking guy", because I always have a pipe in my mouth. I hope this morning jaunt may make this small group of people think that maybe pipe smoking isn't a crime against humanity. Maybe a person can maintain their health and smoke. But who knows what they think? The main point is- I really enjoy the hike. It clears my head and gives me time to think about the day ahead. By the time I leave the park I have the day's game plan in mind. I have at least a good notion of what I will do first and what I hope to accomplish. -T 


ZuluCollector said...

Tim, I love my early morning walks too. There is something amazing about taking time to think, plan, and reflect on what matters.

I love your picture here. It is really atmospheric.

Tim (cousin #2) said...

Ha! The photo was taken w/ my super atmospheric cell phone. That's about the limit of my photo artistry these days.