Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I was busy at work on a pipe rack this morning, when suddenly my little dog Lilly started up her "snake alarm" bark. I was surprised- we haven't seen many snakes in the yard this year. During dry summers they wander into the yard looking for water, but this year there's been plenty of rain. But there she was, barking like a mad woman ...on our back porch. Not the normal snake locale. As I came closer I could see a 3 ft. copperhead w/ a half ingested chipmunk protruding from his mouth. An amazing and slightly disgusting sight. After watching Nature for a few minutes with my wife (sans Lilly- she had to go inside. Too much stress.) I scooped our friend up in a bucket and deposited him in the woods behind our yard. I hope he takes the hint and stays away. OK- back to work! -T

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ZuluCollector said...

Yuck! Copperheads gross me out. Sorry that Lily had to go through that, but at least you didn't step on that snake.