Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tobacco Storage Solutions

Like most Pipesters, I have a tobacco storage problem. Hoarding or cellaring tobacco is a concern. I have limited space and at the same time I want to continue to buy and store more tobacco. Every time I read an article in the news about new anti-tobacco laws I suffer a case of kneejerktobaccopurchaseitis! Every time someone on an on-line forum writes about a "wonderful tobacco" they just tried, I find myself clicking on to my etailers website to try a tin or 2. But when the tobacco arrives I have no place to put it. I came up with a solution for at least the near future. I realized I had some unused space under various bits of furniture and workbenches. I also have a lot of scraps of plywood. With these two things in mind, I headed for the hardware store and purchased some cheap casters and drawer pulls and ta-da! I now have room for even more tobacco! The picture above shows one of the units partially (Yes- there's room for more!) full of pint size canning jars. This is the size I prefer and also they work well w/ the space I have. The unit rolls easily under the work bench you see behind it. I haven't patented the design so feel free to try it yourself! -T
I've had a couple of inquiries and the answer is "Yes", we can make a storage unit for you. Just email us w/ the size you need and we'll give you a price. -T

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