Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blended Whiskey

Yes- they're empty

St Paddy's Day seems like an appropriate time to talk about whiskey so I'll have at it.
I recently watched a British tv series about a cop in Scotland- Rebus. In one scene Rebus is in a bar ( a familiar place for him ) and someone offers him a single malt. He declines saying something to the effect " only Americans and fools drink single malt. I drink blended whiskey." Well this got me thinking. I am an American and probably a fool too and I've been drinking only single malt for some years, but maybe I should try some blended whiskeys again. I did a brief search on the internet and saw someone's top 10 list and headed to the local liquor store. I bought 3 to try. I still prefer single malt. No matter which single malt you try, it has a character of it's own. The blended whiskeys were all fine but they lack any depth. They were just bland. But what can I say- I'm an American fool. -T

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