Monday, September 26, 2011

David Enrique Again ...and Again

Blasted Bamboo Poker

Mahogany Blast Rhodesian
I'm rationalizing, I know- but I love David's pipes. They smoke really well. I have had pipes by several big name carvers and couldn't get a decent bowl from them. I sold the pipes and assumed the hype around these makers was way overblown. Thinking about it now, I've come to the conclusion that everyone smokes differently. Those pipes probably were great for someone, just not me. David's pipes are perfect for me. They smoke effortlessly. It doesn't matter which of my favorite tobaccos I try, they all smoke really well. I don't know why. I attribute it to magic. Of course I'm no Neill Archer Roan. I don't have his acumen for scientifically searching for cause and effect. There must be a reason. I look at them side by side with other good pipes I have. There doesn't seem to be much difference and yet ... David's are great and the other pipe is just good. I guess I'll stick with my conclusion that they are magic. I mean who wouldn't buy a magic pipe when given the chance? -T
And another thing- Pipe maker Trever Talbert will have a selection of David's pipes on his table at the Richmond Show. Probably good I couldn't make the show this year ....

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