Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2 weeks since Chicago?!!

Wow! That happened fast. I've been meaning to post something here, but I hated to post a show-n-tell of Chicago loot or a "what I did on vacation" story. The fact is, I spent way too much in Chicago (not that I regret it) and a show report would sound pretty much like last year. Mark and I had a great time and the best part was seeing all of our wonderful pipe world friends. If you haven't been all I can say is start saving your money for next year. You'll have an amazing time!

Now it's back to work on a bunch of stuff (pipe racks and paintings) that was piled up and waiting for my return. -T

p.s. I'll post pics of pipes I bought in a slow deliberate fashion ... so it doesn't make me appear to be a pipe crazed lunatic.

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