Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chicago Pipe #1- David Enrique

In an earlier post I mentioned I had bought a lovat from David Enrique a month or so before the Chicago show. I said I would not smoke it until I got to Chicago and being the truthful person (I sometimes am), I didn't. But it was the first pipe I smoked after arriving at the show. If you have read my previous posts about David's pipes, you will know that I am a big fan and the new lovat just reinforces my esteem for David's skill. It is another "smoking machine". The fit, finish and engineering are all excellent and I couldn't be happier with this latest addition to my Enrique collestion. I went a little crazy buying pipes in Chicago, but I am already thinking about the next pipe I will purchase from David! -T

Above- Yours truly in the smoking tent with my new Enrique pipe


Renzo said...

Hi Tim,

I bought a Lovat Pipe from David some month ago, probably in the same time as you.
It’s a Lovat with a very nice rusticated “Havana finish”. It was my first David Enrique and I love this pipe, for both the very nice finish and the excellent smoking quality.
This will be probably not the only pipe David Enrique pipe I will buy ;-)

This evening I enjoyed a Hans Schürch English blend in David’s Lovat… definitely a great experience.

Very best regards from France (sorry for my poor English).
Enjoy your pipe

Tim (cousin #2) said...

Bonjour Renzo!
Yes, there were 3 lovats made at the same time. Ours must be brothers. I am happy to hear you are pleased with yours also.
Thanks for commenting. Your english is excellent. Sorry for my lack of french.
Smoke in good health.