Sunday, February 14, 2010

Variations on a Theme

It's odd. Mark and I both have had this happen several times. A pipe rack in the Two Cousins catalog goes completely ignored for a couple of years and then suddenly we get 2 or 3 orders for it from different points on the globe. Synchronicity? Coincidence? Weird chance? Who knows? It's always kind of fun whatever the reason. Here's a couple of Executive variations I'm working on now. This is another fun part of this phenomenon - taking the original pipe rack and making changes that are custom tailored for a client. T

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Whalehead King said...

I think I recognize that one on the right. It's on my kitchen counter, far away from the sink. Nice work, and thanks.

I wrote to you to tell you why I wanted the Executive, you intuited why I liked it and suggested modifications at no extra cost. It sounded like a dream pipe rack to me and a simple enough job for you. The stars aligned, I sent you a check, you employed your carpentry skills, UPS delivered and now I have an heirloom in my house. It's beautiful.

I am a cranky Yankee living in Boston - you know, the worst kind. I've got nothing to complain about this deal. Good work on time within budget and quality craftsmanship. I've knocked the merchandise about a bit to test it. This will last at least two centuries. A future antique dealer will be thanking Two Cousins.

Well done and thanks again.