Sunday, September 28, 2008

OleFatt Blogg

I've been a avid reader of Anders Johansson's OleFattBlogg for some time. I enjoy reading a fellow pipester's adventures and journeys through life. I highly recommend anyone with a similar interest to take a look.
Ander's was kind enough to answer a few questions and provide a little background info about himself. He writes far better than I can paraphrase, so I'll let him speak for himself -

My Name is Anders Johansson. I was born in '62 in Trollhätten, Sweden, and am currently living in Gothenburg. I live in sin :-) with "K" and we have a daughter "E" who turns 13 this autumn. The latest aquisition to the family is Rufus, our Swedish Vallhund (Västogöapets in Swedish), who runs his own blog in Swedish.

I got the nickname "OleFattGuy" back in the days when I was the singer in a crossover Metal/Rap band (remember the genre, early '90's?) I was thinner then, but figured I'd grow into it, and therefore it was much better than "Tiny" or "Slim" or "Junior ...

I have been working with computers since'90 and with the web since '96.I currently work as an IT consultant, in the business of game based learning, selling technical back-end solutions, system architecture, servers, SCORM-adaption etc.

I've been smoking pipes "sincerely" for the last 5 years or so. I am biased towards smaller bowls and love so-called "ladies" pipes, as long as they are not pink or studded with rhinestones or such extra frills. Though I DO have a Savinelli Ladies pipe with rhinestones ...

I have fumbled in pipe making and am hoping to get better at it as I equip my ManCave with more and more adequate tooling. Only yesterday I destroyed another piece of perfectly good briar by sanding into the smoking chamber ... :-(

My favorite tobaccos are in the English/Balkan/Oriental sphere and I love GLPs Maltese Falcon, and Red Rapparee and Frog Morton Across the Pond and ... I could go on and on but you get the picture.I have experimented in blending my own tobaccos and both the "OleFattBalkan" and the "OleFattEnglish" have gotten rave reviews.

I a an avid fly fisher and tie my own flies, and if I were ever to change my line of work I would want to work with something related to fishing/environment/tourism in some way.

I also love to cook, and I do most of the cooking (Italian mostly, sometimes Swedish) at home and also shopping for it. I also have learned to clean up my mess - though it too a decade of nagging me there :-) . I appreciate good wine (love Tuscan, Rioja and Lebanese) to accompany my food and most brown spirits (Cognac, Whiskey, Rum Calvados ...) and a good Grappa is always welcome to accompany my after dinner smoke or espresso.

That's all folks!
Thanks Anders! If anyone else knows a good pipe related blog that needs spotlighting please drop me an email. I'd love to know about it. -T


ZuluCollector said...

I really enjoyed this post. I've read many of Anders' posts on Smokers Forums and it was a delight to get to know him better here.

Tim (cousin #2) said...

Anders is a really nice guy. I told him my readership is pretty minimal on the blog but he still proceeded w/ the interview like it was for a real publication. I really appreciate it.