Sunday, June 8, 2008

1st Friday!

Last night was our 1st Friday! Yes, it was Saturday night, but that's
 a long and pretty uninteresting story. I'll skip it for now. We get together once a month at our favorite midtown haunt and talk politics, religion, home life, wives, children and of course pipes and tobaccos and whatever else that crosses our minds. There are 4 of us (occasionally 5) and we have been friends for ...well, a long time, so this monthly meeting is always looked forward to with a lot of anticipation. It's great having friends that you can discuss the afore mentioned topics without coming to blows. And we get to smoke pipes and cigars! Because o
f the current laws we do have to sit out on the deck, but it's covered and pleasant and we have a great waitress (Wendy, seen in the photo w/ Mark. Chuck is in the other blurry photo w/ his favorite lovat.) who let's us stay for hours. She even saves our table for us, and this is not the kind of place where you call ahead for reservations. It's great to have friends. -T

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